An Important Plea for the Health of my Mom


Alright friends. This is a serious post for someone I love dearly. If you could stop scrolling for just a moment and read this, it would mean the world.

As some of you know, my Mom has been sick for quite some time. I could really use your attention right now, because she needs help.

My mom is the sweetest, most compassionate woman I know. She loves her children selflessly, gives to others constantly, and almost always puts herself last. She has given 200% into raising me and my 7 siblings and giving us opportunities to thrive.

A few months ago she contracted a colon infection. The doctors put her on 3 doses of antibiotics (including the blacklist antibiotic sipro), which ended up nearly destroying her digestive system. Her stomach lining was hurt, and the antibiotics killed a lot of good bacteria that keep a normal digestive system in full repair. Since then she got off medication entirely, but she’s had an increasingly difficult time eating. Her diet largely consists of juicing, oatmeal, and probiotics. She lost 15 pounds in 3 months. Now she weighs close to 99 pounds. Her doctors are calling it IBS, but the cause is unknown. We’ve been visiting a naturopathic doctor to find a cure for her reoccuring difficulties with digestion, nausea, and cramping. 

Her naturopathic doctor highly suggested a GI Effects Comprehensive Profile test. Through sending in some stool samples, the test will cover every possible bacteria that may be contributing to my Mom’s weight loss and weakness. It will ultimately help her doctor diagnosis what the real problem is behind my Mom’s difficulties, and what process we should go through to fix it.

The biggest problem? And here is where I you, the kind, caring souls on tumblr come in. The test costs…a lot of money. You can find the details on paymenthere.  Because we live outside of Georgia, medical insurance won’t cover the cost of the test. And to date, we’ve spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on medical help, whether it be testing, bloodwork, medicines, natural remedies, and appointments with doctors across the Knoxville area. My brother is going to college this year, which also puts us in a financial bind.

Speaking of which, Mom was so hoping to go back to Colorado Springs with my brother to celebrate his graduation trip, but her sickness has prevented her from doing so. It’s been so gutting to watch her sickness slowly steal away her ability to do the things she loves to do. 

I went out with Mom today for a chat, and she revealed that she doesn’t want to pay out for the test at this point…it could end up cutting other family needs. I was floored. Mom has always been a sacrificial soul, but I really refuse to let her wait any longer on a test that could bring her healing, and save her from growing even weaker, losing weight she can’t afford to lose.

What can you do to to help? Here are three options:

1. Pray. 
I believe in the power of prayer, and we could use all the prayers we can get. 

2. Donate
If you find it in your heart to help Kathy out, your contributions would mean the world to me. I’m not telling her about this fund-raiser because she wouldn’t want me to burden anyone. Whether you donate $1, $5, or $10, it will ALL (100%) go to the cause of The GI Effects test. In fact, after this test becomes a reality for her, I’ll show her this donation, and I’m certain she’ll want to write a personal thank you and an update for everyone. Though our family could gradually obtain the money ourselves, it will ultimately be a much slower process. Weeks, months. Every day her illness is a real and persisting reality. The sooner we raise this money, the sooner she can take the test. 

3. Reblog

If you can’t donate (and that’s alright!), please do consider reblogging this, as we are trying to get this out to as many people as we can.

I’m submitting this donation plea here because I have confidence in the compassion of my friends on tumblr. I know how much my Mom needs this. It has been heart-wrenching to see her growing so much frailer through the weeks. I also know, if we work together, we can raise the money that will contribute to her healing. My family is pulling together for this, but we’re still far from reaching our goal. 

Here is the donation site:

Thank you so much, and may you be abundantly blessed for your help.

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----> Bearerofthering

≺  ≻ ”——who’s there? Make your presence known at once; you are at risk in these woods…”

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They stopped to rest. If it were up to Merry the lad would have 
easily pressed on, but the weight of the ring was a burden
too heavy for even the strongest elf; Merry knew this well.
The forest was not as quiet as usual. The wind blew heavily
against the branches of trees, and loud creatures lifted their

   ”I imagine,” he replied thoughtfully. Whether Frodo was simply tired or not thinking, Merry couldn’t tell. He naturally assumed the former. 


“Oh, yes, well perhaps there’ll be a tavern somewhere in this forest. Why don’t we go searching?” He smiled and shook his head
"I purpose climbing as the best option." 
Scrambling up the nearest tree,
he reached out a hand to pull Frodo up as well.


    “The Golden Perch is only a mile or two beyond the Old Forest,”
    he murmured with a sigh.     Merry wasn’t as closely acquainted 
    with  Hobbiton  as  his  older  cousin; Frodo could hardly blame 
    him for his geographical incompetence. 

   ”We shall stay here and watch for this creature,” he whispered, 
    taking the proferred hand gratefully.  He eased up into the 
    tree beside his cousin, then peered into the gloom with careful
    eyes. “If we see no sign of it by the time the full moon rises,we  
    shall travel to the tavern. And this time……the room and ale is
    on me.” He tossed the other a wink and settled back against 
    the tree trunk restfully.

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"I… ah… feel I ought to be begging your pardon instead — h-had you not been startled first, I think I might have jumped for fear you were a D-Dwarf!"


≺  ≻ ”——A Dwarf! Have you ever seen a Dwarf, my lady?” 



          “Frodo, my lad, let me tell you now that I am sorry.”

≺  ≻ ”——whatever are you sorry for, my dear Uncle? 
Ought I be worried?”   A slight smile crossed the boy’s
lips,  a playful gesture meant to lighten Bilbo’s fears.